Corr Training and Consulting specializes in taking difficult information and creating simple, straight-forward solutions through training, process improvement and implementation, and standard operating procedures. Give your employees the direction they need.  Corr Training and Consulting Solves Problems.

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What you do and how you do it. Whether you simply need your procedures documented or need consulting to evaluate your current processes and identify cost-savings - Corr Consulting will give you results. 

Informative and Captivating. Training has to keep the learners interest and provide information that has tangible value. Give your employees training that will keep their attention and help them become better employees. 

Developed for your business so its exactly what your business  needs. 


Helping your business run like a well-oiled machine.

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Keeping your employees up to speed with the industry.


Documenting how your business works. 

Corr Training and Consulting

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